White Women Are the Cause of Racism

white racist women

Women betraying the men from their race and race mixing causes interfighting between different races of men for their women. Women denying sex to a large amount of male population causes celibate men to cope with video games, porn, etc, trying to fill the hole in their lives women caused. Women voting for leftist parties and promoting mass migration causes a large influx of foreign population with causes interfighting between them and the native population. There are much more examples to name. Women are to blame for the rise in racism in the west.

Do normie young white women in America legit and unironically hate white men like 4chan seems to suggest? Very hard to imagine desu. But with everything I see here, it seems like most white girls are fucking blacks and browns + spend all day talking about how much they hate white men. Obviously that cannot but true but what’s actually going on irl? Do they hate you for real?

Maybe when they are teenagers and haven’t taken a step out of their childhood homes so 14-23 but every woman i work with loves white men. Once a woman has to fend for herself she no longer cares too much. Every man is a possible care taker and they know that. They don’t hate white men. But they think they’re doing a cool counter culture by fucking black men to piss off their families and friends but in reality; they’re just doing the same thing every white girl is doing. You see this is female of other races too. Once they grow older, white men don’t date them anymore. Hence “Once you go black, we don’t want you back”.