White Women Are The Worst Women

White women are horrible, nasty creatures

Asian women are better than western women, aka white women. White women are basically a bunch of spoiled little bitches who have been brainwashed by Disney and their incestuous fathers to think that they are a bunch of pampered little Disney princesses. White women are the most sheltered class and race of women to ever exist in human history. We white men made a huge mistake by trying to shelter our slut whore ungrateful women from the unpleasantness of the real world. As a result, our white women hate us.

This is why many white men have said “screw it” and refuse to kiss white women’s asses anymore. An example of this: I used to hear white men saying that they will not help white women anymore. Like, if a white woman was getting raped in the street and a white man walked by, the white man would just keep on walking. A real life example of this happened a year or two ago. I think it happened in Australia if I remember correctly. Basically, a white woman was being swept out to the ocean by a high tide and a bunch of white guys were just standing there filming it on their phones. Not a single white man bothered to try to help her. She was swept out to sea and drowned.

Congratulations you white women! You succeeded! White men now consider you as “equal” and independent and so why should we risk our asses to help you anymore? Enjoy growing old alone with your 10 cats, you dumb white bitches!

Summary: White women are ungrateful and do not deserve white men