White Women are Too Far Gone to be Saved

bye roasties

How do we fix white women? You can’t. They have no loyalty to race, nation, history, men or culture. They are amorphous self serving vile creatures that will spread their legs for compliments. There is ONLY ONE path to preservation of the white race. Artificial wombs with NO egg fetal contribution. The state needs to grow our white sons inside labs and we need to understand the WHITE RACE is only vested in MEN. We create civilization. Women are mere parasites that suck off everything we build. The new narrative is, women are a just interchangeable holes to fuck. They are not wives, mothers or vessels of race and culture. They need to be replaced by AI sex/mommy bots and AW tech. Then we can rebuild our civilization narrative without them at the center of it. Women are now redundant and need to be phased out.

Cant find a white woman without herpes contracted from fucking niggers. 48% of all black women have incurable herpes. Where did they get it form I wonder. And no, condoms are no guarantee against contracting herpes. Further black people have all manners of STDs at rates 10 to 20 times higher than white men. So to date a coalburner is to invite certain contraction of STDs into your body and life. There is no point in dating coalburners. They lack cultue, taste and cannot produce white children. White men start demanding better. If they can continue being shameless whores in their teens and 20’s while getting good men to marry them in their 30’s there is no reason they will ever change.

Sorry but white women are trash. Fat ugly, stupid trash. We need to press of artificial womb tech and start taking it very seriously that lab grown son is our only future. Women cannot be allow into our homes to corrupt our finances, our sons, our happiness. Women are parasites and offer nothing to me but niggered out pussies. White women, that is. Unfortunately, white women are still the “most loyal” to white men because they can get the most money from them. Soon as it starts getting redistributed that’ll dry up. They’re too far gone. Even my mom in her mid 40s divorced my dad and now hooks up with various guys regularly. Other cultures have things stopping the women but not the western feminist one.