White Women are Trash and Garbage

Avoid them

Found some comments on that God Like Productions message board where a guy is talking about how disgusted he is with American women:

Women are no longer women of virtue and honor and good nature and nurturing and caring anymore. They are all about manipulation. Women have turned in to worthless, slutty pigs. Like I said. Not interested anymore. All I want is to bed them over and fuck the shit out of them and then give them money for an Uber and kick them the fuck out. That’s the point of the thread. Women can’t get laid anymore. Because we are sick of their shit. We see right through their bullshit. So yeah. This is WHY they don’t get laid anymore except by dirt bag, abusive, drug addicts and homeless felons. They did this to themselves. Fuck ‘um. I’m happy treating like the sluts they are and just fuck them and leave them. Works for me. I have 2 kids, a great job and own my own house. I get laid whenever I want, but these whores won’t get shit from me anymore. What do you got? A bitch who controls your every move? Racks up credit card debt, fucks your best friend and then leaves? LOL Yeah…. No thanks. Been there. Done that. Now I got my shit together and I am fine just picking up a slag from the local bar and stretching them out a bit and then send them on their way.
(end of comment)