White Women are Unloyal Sluts

white sluts

I’ve always struggled with the idea of having kids in this uncertain world. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to, but, speaking from experience, American women, and western women in general I guess, are spoiled, entitled and near impossible to have a stable, normal relationship with. I’m also speaking from the experiences the guys in my family have had too, my brother got cheated on by his white gf, then married another white girl that wasn’t done drinking and riding dick, even renting a 500$ hotel room to fuck a dude with my brothers money. You’d think he’d end it, but he’s trapped with two kids now. My uncle had a pretty similar experience, but he did divorce and it ruined his live, he’s living back with his mother, my grandmother, after losing his properties and business. The only respectable woman in my family is my mother, but even she never married or stayed stable.

Further, while I’ve always wanted my kids to white, blonde and blued eyed like myself, I’ve always had a thing for asian women, and again, the white relationships always ended because of some stupid shit. Pretty much almost every white chick I’ve met is just a retarded whore who is not loyal at all and extremely selfish and immature. I have work opportunities coming up soon that’ll be bringing me to glorious Japan too. What do guys think? Should I get a hot asian chick in Japan, or should I just bang tons of them, and try to increase my notch count? Asian women will throw themselves at a white guy.