White Women Betrayed White Men

White women are white men's worst enemy

Everything was created by white men: electricity, TV, internet, A/C, hot water heaters, modern construction techniques, cars, airplanes, cell phones, computers, etc. We white men created a very comfortable civilization and how did our white women repay us? By betraying us for the lowest types of man. White men create. The only thing white women know how to do is destroy.

Who do you think voted to bring in all those millions of young brown and black men from 3rd world countries into Europe? That would be white women. Google “white women refugees welcome sign” and you’ll see all you need to know. White women are truly the greatest threat to the civilization white men built. White women have become so utterly revolting to white men that no white man wants them anymore, and so white women voted to simply REPLACE us by bringing in millions of young male “refugees”. Nevermind that crime in Europe has risen dramatically due to the millions of new men who came from violent primitive cultures.

It’s time for white men to stop defending our white women. Like, if you are walking down the street and you see a white woman getting robbed or raped in an alley, you do NOT stop to help her, you keep on walking. These stupid white bitches voted to destroy Western civilization by bringing in millions of subhumans. Even better would be if we deported white women to Saudi Arabia and other shithole countries and then imported asian women. In fact, that is what most white men are doing. White men are marrying and having good lives with asian women, while white women get raped and beaten by their black boyfriends who they voted to bring in. White women are pissed off that white men no longer want to marry them and financially support them.

Next, we must end the welfare system so that white women and niggers and illegal immigrants can no longer parasite off the hard work of white men and asians. White men and Asians pretty much pay all the taxes. If white men and asians stopped working and paying taxes, the welfare system would collapse and then white women would be homeless on the street.