White Women Cannot Be Fixed or Saved and it's Foolish to Think Otherwise

no savior

Look at how delusion the incels on 4chan are. Some incel asked this question “How do we turn more white women to the right and why are there so few women here on /pol/?”

Uh, white women are far, far beyond any hope of being fixed, secondly the white supremacist white women are just butthurt roasties who are angry that white men are marrying asian women and using white supremacism as a way to shame men into marrying them. Anyway here is some of the replies these stupid incel virgins posted:

-Orgasms and all femoid posters get chased away from here

-You’d have to control the media. Women are easily swayed by propaganda and will do whatever is popular. So basically, nothing.

-Unironically use your penis, it’s the biggest goddamn redpill ever. Women are incapable of forming political ideals independent of the prevalent authority figure in their life. If your dick is the prevalent authority, they’ll follow your opinions the longer they’re with you.

-You know females smell bad right? I mean, they wear all that flowery vanilla berry scent shit, cause they actually have terrible B.O. She bitch probably reeks from all holes after a day of working the farm. Females stink from just sitting there. Haven’t even touch on vagina stank. Seriously, females smell worse than men.

-Women are dumb. Women are useless aside from fucking. We should just remove universal suffrage

-Women have had the opportunity to become human since the beginning of time. They constantly refuse to.

-Women are retards, even moreso than the average man. It’s neither their role nor interest to partake in politics and they will just follow whatever their man does (assuming they like him and aren’t infected with feminist/kike insanity).