White Women in France are the Biggest Race Traitors in the Entire World

France sucks

Reposting this from /pol/:

It’s not just a matter of taste, they all have a racial fetish or something.

In Paris, it’s a black fetish, in every other city in France, it’s North African fetish.

I’m ashamed of this fucking country, I go on twitter and it’s full of white women saying “I prefer arabs and blacks but I don’t like white men”.

The only White women who aren’t race traitors in this country are the ones who are deeply religious and have ethnic background from Eastern Europe (Serbia most of the time) but even some of them are fucking race traitors too.

This country is doomed, the worst thing is that White men don’t care about it at all,
I’ve seen White men try to encourage Arabs (they are literally the only ethnic group with a lot of people hates racemixing) into taking White Women because It’s “beautiful” and “the future of the world”.

It’s your fucking fault USA, you’ve been pushing racemixing propaganda from Hollywood for decades, your disgusting Kardashian Family is directly responsible for influencing an entire generation of White women into not only being sluts but also racially open to anything.

Which Eastern Europe country would u recommend me to flee to?

Author’s comments: Well, why are white men pushing white women to black and arab men? Cause white men are fucking sick of white women’s bullshit. France and other European countries have a very high rate of white men marrying Asian women. White men do not want white women anymore. As for which East European country to flee to? I don’t know, but I heard Poland and Ukraine are pretty cool. The women there are definitely hot as fuck.