White Women Like Heidi O'Ferrall Are Trash

White women are the lowest

There was some event a while ago called the Vagina Monologues. Apparently it’s a bunch of women who wrote random statements and then spoke them on stage as if it was their vagina speaking. Not surprising, most of the actresses were white women. Or how about the pussy hat thing? The majority of women wearing pussy hats and going to the anti-Trump protests are white women. I mean is it not filthy and revolting? White American women have zero class, literally. And white European women aren’t much better. Like for real, white women are the trashiest women on this earth.

Anyway let’s talk about another trashy white woman named Heidi O’Ferrall. Here is what an anon just commented recently about Heidi:

Heidi is a lying cunt, she tricked everyone into believing she was the biggest victim of 2019. She knew the marriage was over and as a last ditch effort tried to save her financial life by stealing as many followers of Jared as she could and unwittingly got almost all of the internet on her side becuz most guys on here are cuck white knights who probably donated her money along with their phone numbers and told her if she ever needed anything they would gladly cut off their balls and send them to her. And almost all women on the internet believe women regardless of how much evidence has come out. WHICH I WILL REMIND YOU IS ZERO HEIDI HAS GIVEN ZERO PROOF OF ANYTHING. Anyone taking Heidi side is an idiot