White Women Love Making False Rape Accusations

Avoid white women like the plague

When you look at all the cases where a woman has made a false rape accusation against a man, there is almost always one common thing. It’s always a white woman. America is such a free country that if you are a man, you can literally be thrown in prison with zero evidence simply because a woman claimed you “raped” her. Literally, many men will spend a year or two in jail while WAITING for the legal case to conclude and prove that the woman was lying about rape. And then the men are such pussies, such cucks, that they won’t file charges against her for lying about rape and causing him to be thrown in jail over a false accusation. Let’s face it- American men are total fucking pussies.

“Well, I just spent 2 years in jail cause some woman falsely accused me of rape, but hey, I won’t file a counter legal case against her and press charges because it might offend feminists!”

American men are gigantic pussies who refuse to fight back against the very clear evils of feminism because they are terrified of being labelled as a “woman-hater”. LMAO! So if a Nazi is coming to gas a jew, and the jew fights back, the jew is a “Nazi-hater”?

If you want to avoid getting hit with a false rape accusation then avoid white women like the plague. White women have no soul, no heart, and are evil creatures. That is why so many intelligent white men are going for brown, black, or Asian women.