White Women Need to Get the Hell Out

White women are ungrateful brats

White women are a bunch of ungrateful little brats who do not appreciate how good they have it. White men continue to worship these spoiled little bitches and treat them like princesses. Meanwhile white women do nothing but complain and talk about how much they hate us white men. Okay, if you white cunts hate us so much, why are you living in a WHITE Western country which was created by white men? Go live in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

Of course white women won’t do that because white women are pathetic hypocrites. If you are a white man, you need to simply avoid white women and refuse to date, financially support them, marry them, or white knight for them. White women hate you. Why would you want to defend such women? And this is already happening. Even on a white supremacist board like 4chan/pol, there are multiple daily threads talking about how shitty white women are. If even white supremacist men don’t want to marry white women, then I think it’s safe to say that white women are completely ruined beyond any hope of saving.

At this point all you can do is abandon white women to the niggers and immigrants and go find a good non-white woman. As for myself, I have a literal deep subconscious physical revulsion to white women. Like, I cannot get sexually aroused by a white woman at all. But I ain’t gay! I can easily get aroused with a brown or black or asian woman.