White Women Never Support or Defend White Men

white women suck

White women don’t give a shit about white men. They can plainly see their counter part, white men, being attacked on the fucking daily. They are glued to their phone 24/7, they see it, yet do they stick up for us? Why wont they stand up for their own men?

Because they simply don’t care. They would rather support whatever bullshit that will get them the most likes on social media. This is another reason why pop culture is cancer. Rather than support their own men, white women will just post retarded motivational quotes or selfies, desperately hoping to get likes.

If you look at who is supporting open borders and mass immigration, the majority of the people who support it are white women.

I am MGTOW and 56 years old. I don’t recommend it at all. I told myself I don’t need to make love to a woman.. I don’t need her soft skin and feminine smell and warm pussy.. and then one day a few months ago I had sex… and it was soo depressing because it felt SOOO good and I realized I missed out on what is basically the best thing in life just to avoid the pain of dealing with women. I have failed… utterly failed and I realize my mistake every day. Young guys.. don’t go mgtow.. find a woman.. marry her. have sex .. sex for hours and days.. skip work, do it in the morning.. at night.. in the car.. do it when she bleeds, do it in the butt.. do it when she is sweaty from working in the yard.. just do it. A life without regular sex I have realized has zero meaning.

NAH, just joking! MGTOW is awesome! You can do whatever you want whenever you want. You want to bang hot prostitutes? You can do it. Only retards and cucks get married nowadays.