White Women's Only Purpose of Existence is to Destroy White Men

evil white women

There’s no way to fix white women, white women are full of pure hatred towards white men. Even still, the pathetic cuck incel virgin losers on 4chan/pol are talking about how to “fix” white women. Those incel retards are almost as bad as white women. Listen to some of the shit they have posted:

Ignore them. Don’t reproduce with them even if it’s the last thing you do. By ignoring them, just like any other uppity bitch. If you give them any attention they win and continue being shit.

You have to understand that you should not engage with people like these. They are not worthy of your time. You must resist.

Liberal white woman are lost to liberalism They are a lost cause, the only way to save white women is through conservative father figures. White liberals have an out group bias, they preferred other races instead of their own, that mentality causes them to hate anything related to their race, they are lost. Is time to cut ties with white liberals and increase racial identity with white conservative because ultimately it is white conservative that will wage the white race.

By making your desired outcome fashionable.

That’s it. When you understand that women are “sheeple”, in that they copy those women that they admire, and the women they admire are always rich in attention, which often translates into rich in material resources, when you figure out that they copy the women who get the most attention, you realize that’s how you go about changing them. By giving them new icons to copy.

Edward Bernays figured this out back in the early 20th century. He got women to think smoking was cool, all by getting a few pretty, rich girls to smoke publicly and create a fashion trend.

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You incels are beyond hope. Just get a non-white woman, you fucking retards.