White Women Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

white women vote

Republicans have clearly lost ground among White Women in the suburbs (even if Republicans still narrowly win White Women overall, its clear they’ve lost support compared to 2010/2012/2014).

What conservative policies appeal to women voters, and are there any wedge issues Republicans can exploit to win them back?

1. White men became a bunch of overly sensitive, unmanly faggots. This disgusts women everywhere. But it was white women who caused this by raising their sons to be weak emasculated meterosexual beta males.

2. Women entered the workforce and they absolutely hate working. They’re bitter and miserable about wasting their lives working. And yet white women are so brainwashed that “working is their right” that they will keep working just to spite the men around them. White women literally exist to simply harm white men.

Women want trad life style but can’t accept this truth. Hence they will keep engaging in feminist behavior, to hurt white men because white women are programmed to hate white men.

Then Tyrone and Abdul come along and give women a free pass to the trad, “women subservient to men” lifestyle. But of course black and brown men treat white women like the trash they are, and pump and dump them, and thus most white women become single mothers, and no white man wants to raise a half-nigger baby as their own, thus such trashy white women are forever alone and this makes them even more bitter and blame white men for everything.