Why are Boomer Men Such Pussies?

Boomer cucks

>be me
>parents find out I’ve been having sex
>get morally shit on despite my parents watching real housewives and keeping up with the Kardashians

How does it make sense to be totally ok with degenerate tv that promotes promiscuity and flippant attitudes towards sex, but when I have sex with my gf of 3 years, that’s immoral? Is this boomer crap?

Reply 1: Yes, but they don’t even believe it or understand why they’re shitting on you. It’s just something their parents did to them so they just do it out of habit. They don’t understand why.

Reply 2: Oh yea they do. They lived it. They did that shit.
It hurt them. It hurt people they knew.
They try to tell you. Before you fuck up your life too.
(end of reply)

Author’s comments: Dude are you fucking gay you goddamn faggot? Boomer men are cucks who had sex with like 1 or 2 women before marrying their ugly boomer wife and now boomer men have been incels for 20 years. I’d be an incel too cause jesus fucking christ why would I want to fuck an ugly 65 year old bitch?

Reply 3: Firm and complete hatred towards modern society is the only rational thing. Stop being a 50IQ mongoloid and call them out on their double standards

Reply 4: you should disown them, they seem like assholes

Author’s comments: You need to fucking get out of your parent’s house, no matter what it takes. Hell, go join a fucking cult even. Do whatever it takes to get away from your boomer faggot parents.