Why are Indian Men so Creepy?

Bobs plz

Hi bitch lasagna white woman, can you send bobs and vegana pics plz?

Even indian men are ashamed and embarrassed by the online behavior of their fellow indian men. Here’s a statement by an educated civilized indian man and he is apologizing for the retarded behavior of his fellow indian men:

Saying ‘Indian creepy dudes’ are THE reason why toxic feminism exists is wrong.

However why do they message you ask?

They are very desperate and get their jollies by sending sexual messages to girls on the internet. It is utterly disgusting.
They probably think they are going to pick up girls by sending messages like
‘ i wnt sex wit u’

Sorry bro, never works.

The above points apply to all ‘creepy dudes’

Specific to India however,

India is a sex starved nation. Pretty ironical huh? Considering we have the largest population. Sex is supressed here. Sex is such a taboo. You are expected to remain a virgin until marriage. Couples in parks are harassed ! Hell, even couples in hotel room are not safe.
These sexually starved guys relieve it by sending messages and looking at pictures of girls on the internet.
What goes into the heads?

Nothing, they just to want to relieve their mounted sexual feelings.

If something went through their heads, they wouldn’t be sending these sleazy messages to girls.

I can keep going on and on about this answer. But I’ll leave it here.

(end of his statement)

India is a fucking joke. Only 1.4% of graduates from indian engineering colleges can write functional computer code that works. And let’s not forget that 50% of India’s population, that is 640 MILLION people, shits outdoors. 640 million people still do not use indoor toilets. Thanks India. Anyway, at least the indian posters on /pol/ are hilarious. Obviously though anyone who uses 4chan is intelligent and doesn’t shit outdoors.