Why Are Millennial Men No Longer Getting Married?


Once upon a time till death do us part meant something. Those days are long gone. Who the fuck would find a bunch of ugly tats attractive, especially after a decade or so when they begin to blur and fade. Definitely not marriage material and when you tell them how stupid their quote tats are, the burst into tears. I don’t even have any male coworkers who are my age anymore. I see other women, some black guys and tons of hispanics.

Where are they? what kind of jobs do they work? where did they all go? I’d love to get married, but few of the women my age are wife material having given themselves away freely and marked their bodies with ink and that’s without going into the mental problems I have to deal with. The problems women have coupled with the lopsided laws and court system ruling in favor of the women and separating me from any children I’d have unless their mother is a total failure makes marriage too large of a gamble for so small a reward. Maybe I can poach a qt from gen z and we can have a fulfilling life together. Gen X loser here. I was married and she ran off with a friend because I was not religious enough and she was a fanatic.

I have no faith in women and no faith in marriage. The institution is basically gone. I have no children. I don’t know if I will remarry. I am focused on myself right now, making money, getting fit, working out my mental health issues which have caused me to have chronic insomnia. Maybe in the future, if I find an older woman who would like to travel around the world with me. But she would have to be pretty special. I really don’t want to entangle my life in the life of someone else, unless they were a perfect fit. Look at Jeff Bezos. His wife must of thought she had a pretty good deal. It is always harder than it looks and she put up with his shit for years. They had kids and mansions. she struggled to remain attractive for him. Then he ran off with a married plastic cat face who gave him an interview once and spread her legs. Sure she is a millionaire in the courts, but I am sure that is now how she envisioned it.

Because women just aren’t worth it. Why even bother with them? There is no greater agony than sharing existence on this mortal plane with the creatures we have come to know as the ‘fairer sex’.

Today I sat alone in the train listening to my obscure esoteric ritual ambient music, then two conventionally attractive females joined me in my solitude, they sat in front of me and started having a mundane conversation, it caught my interest how they kept talking and laughing about trivial normie topics instead of contemplating the true essence of life and searching for a purpose within. We make eye contact for a split second but I break it immediately as she carried on the conversation with her friend, she probably thought she made eye contact with a normal awkward nerdy guy listening to his music in peace but in reality she’s beholding a man that is enduring the metaphysical struggle of his race, a man with an aristocratic and adventurous spirit that yearns for celestial freedom as his mind is experiencing levitation towards a complete transcendence despite only weighing 120 pounds.

I indirectly gazed upon the females with an eye of revulsion, repulsed by their moral disintegration and degenerate lifestyle, then in complete and utter disgust I thought to myself “if only they knew how much of a wise Magian I am?” They would’ve given themselves to me, to fullfil my carnal desires, to plant my seed and give a chance to my offspring to exist and flourish. But of course they won’t as I’m very sure they have decided to pursue this puny empty life, to have sex with the so-called CHAD. It truly is a difficult time for an intellectual like me to exist, it truly is the KALI YUGA.

Marriage laws are like that everywhere in the world but Syria. Even in an Islamic country like Iraq, the woman takes the kids away until they reach the age of 15, poisoning their minds of you so that they chose to continue living with her. Welcome to 2020: you basically have to ask yourself which country is a dictatorship in order to get good marriage laws.