Why are Millennials such Pussies?


I constantly see this bullshit from millennials, these trigger warnings. I mean what the fuck is wrong with you faggots? Are you really this weak? You can’t handle living in a nice, orderly, structured, comfortable country like America? God forbid if you ever travelled outside of America. Fucking safe space pussy ass faggots. Seriously, fucking kill yourselves. The world would be a far better place without a bunch of weak pussies in it.

Meanwhile immigrants from 3rd world countries, who know what a HARD LIFE actually is, are thankful to come to America and they work hard. This is why indians and Chinese are taking many of the best jobs, because they actually study hard and work hard and don’t have a mental breakdown every day like our worthless millennial scum generation.

I’m happy that the white race is dying out because look at what pussies most white people are in our modern society. How can they expect to have a future for their race when they have to take an anti-anxiety drug just to go outside their house? The boomers raised their children too easy and failed to prepare them for the real world. We also live in a society that rewards the weak and punishes the strong. It’s called socialism. The strong and intelligent have their money stolen by taxes and redistributed to weak useless people who cannot survive without government help. But socialism always collapses. And already the zoomer generation is extremely anti-socialist. We will see the end of socialism within the next 15 years in all likelihood. GenZ is based and redpilled.