Why are prostitutes in America so useless?

Prostitutes in America are dumb and overpriced and stupid.

The best life for men is to not get married and to just bang prostitutes. But if you live in America this is a huge problem because 99% of American prostitutes are useless and overpriced. For example, you can get a hot prostitute in Tijuana or Thailand or Philippines for just 30 dollars. Meanwhile, a fat ugly American female prostitute will charge you like 200 dollars.

I strongly suggest that you avoid all American women, even prostitutes in America, and simply take your money to foreign countries like Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, etc. Think about it. For the same price as one fat ugly American prostitute, you can bang like 5 or 6 hot prostitutes in Tijuana or Bangkok. American women are literally toxic, satanic, demonically-possessed witches who should be treated like the plague and avoided at all costs.

Let’s do the math.

One bus ticket to Tijuana = 100 dollars
Local hotel in Tijuana = 20 or 30 dollars a night
One high quality Mexican prostitute in Tijuana = 40 or 50 dollars
3 meals of awesome authentic tacos = 10 dollars

BOOM! For the same price as one useless dumb American prostitute, you get to take a trip to an exotic place like Tijuana, Mexico, eat awesome tacos, drink awesome mexican beer, and bang a hot exotic mexican prostitute.

American women are nothing but a bunch of overgrown, immature, spoiled little brat children. Stop giving them any attention and then they will stop acting like an overgrown child. American women are dumb and useless!