Why are the Elite Trafficking Children?


Over on 8chan/pol, where generally we have a much higher level of conversation that the retards at cuckchan (4chan), I was asking someone what is the reason WHY the elite, the illuminati, has these huge child trafficking networks. What the fuck are the Elite doing with all of these kidnapped children? Is it for pedophilia? Sacrifice? Human experimentation? Mind control programming? I mean what, exactly? One guy gave the following response:


Children are the currency of the BlackHole Market on one end of the spectrum, and the “Ruling Class” on the other (same fuckers).

They offer the “nightmare”, then offer the “solution”. Everyone in the Club has kiddy blood on them, and if they step out of line, they get thrown to the Werewolves (us). In the interim, they get to fuck, torture, murder, get high off of, and sacrifice to their demon god, our children.

This is ancient shit.

There is also the kike’s own slough of illnesses and diseases they are prone to due to thousands of years of inbreeding their already neanderthal bloodline.


I suggest you look this shit up. “Victoria’s Secret” was Queen Victoria’s kiked blood that held this disease that only inflicts the males, and in a time of Monarchical heirs to thrones, this potential for “retarded Kings” made a huge mess.

One of the only treatments for this disease is the consumption of “clean” blood. Where would one find the “cleanest” blood?

Vampires are real. All the “myths” begin to make perfect sense when you plug in what we now know about these demonic kikes.

“To evade a Vampire following you, drop a gold coin.”

It’s all there. You just have to know how to look.

Study this shit with your new eyes, anon!

(end of anon’s comments)

Oh God, NO!!! Right as I was finishing up this article, the glow in the dark niggers (CIA agents) smashed down my door and are holding a gun to my head. As soon as I hit the Publish button, they are going to blow my motherfucking brains out. The CIA isn’t just running drugs, they are running a massive child trafficking network! PizzaGate is real !!! See you all in hell.

If I do not make a new post within one hour, it means that I am dead and gone, that I was assassinated by the CIA.