Why are White Men Abandoning White Women?

Goodbye roastie

Because white women are one of main reasons western culture is crumbling. I’ve never slept with a white woman. It isn’t for lack of trying. They don’t like me. They’ve made it clear. I’ve got numbers from black women. I’ve had asian women approach me and start flirting. I’ve only received cold responses, or derisive laughter from white women. I don’t want my kids to be anything but white. But time is ticking. I’m almost 30 now. If I’m not married by 35, I’m going to have to bring a clutch of half breeds into the world.

All the white chicks I know are pieces of shit lineral trash. My hapa waifu is as hardcore conservative as I am. Also, I just really like beef and rice. I only know of one white girl who fits my pretty low standards: Not fat, I find them at least somewhat attractive, I can talk to them fairly easily, and they’re not a whore. Except she doesn’t want kids. Which is a huge problem for me obviously. On the other hand I’m in a relationship with an Asian woman who wants kids, is average looking (though for some reason I really like her face), is funny, and not a whore. If I could find a white girl who isn’t trash, I would, but fucking hell it’s nearly impossible.

White women are near universally awful, at least in southern california. Every single one of them is obnoxious, utterly reject femininity, are fat, and are very feminist and leftist in general. I’ve fucked blonde, blue eyed porcelain skinned girls and I’ve fucked asians and latinas. The asians and latinas beat out every white girl I’ve interacted with in terms of personality. I don’t know what you want me to do. Every White guy I know with a White girlfriend is utterly miserable and use their shitty jobs as a means of temporary reprieve. I’m doing great without a White girl thanks, there’s no benefit to them at all, they do nothing but bitch and waste.