Why are White Women so Fat?

fat women

So this is the state of the modern white woman? Positive reinforcement for unhealthy weight gains and getting praised online for becoming fat and lazy (not caring on what & how you should eat and basic exercise)? It seems that most white women nowadays are fat and ugly as shit. By fat, I mean like REALLY fat, not just curvy but massively overweight. Probably due to antidepressant drugs which cause weight gain.

Deep down inside fat people know they are ugly no matter how many others tell them they are ‘beautiful’. Before they go to sleep and they see themselves naked in the mirror, do you really think they say to themselves: WHoah, that’s a fine specimen in front of me. Tomorrow I’m gonna eat some more to get even more fat. If they are so ‘beautiful’ then why is it that nobody wants to start a relationship with a fat women/men?

But see that’s where part of the problem is. Some men are so desperate for sex that they would actually drop all standards and get with a fat women instead of trying to get with a better looking one. Sure that’s not a “serious relationship” but when these women realise that all these desperate men only want sex they don’t associate the issue with their appearance they think either men are “toxic” or that it’s a personality problem. They don’t even bother to look at how similarly fat men are treated by other women. Why? Because everyone online tells them how “beautiful” they are…

The simple solution is to just avoid fat white women and only go for brown and Asian women.