Why are White Women Such Stupid Dumb Niggers?

dumb niggers

White women spend far too much time on Jewish-curated social media and watching Jewish television. Those things are specifically engineered by brilliant psychopaths with centuries of research to create a completely fake reality for ANYONE participating and make them into a mentally ill and misanthropic golem. White women will continue to be ghoulish train wrecks until they get away from those.

White women are programmed genetically to want to fit in with the group for a perceived sense of safety. Social media and mainstream media tell them without any doubt that BLM is virtuous and racism is an evil worse than any other you could imagine. Virtue signaling is like saying or doing anything else. If you repeat something enough times, it becomes your truth. They are utterly brainwashed.

Because white women are the most obnoxious, sheltered, pacifist, ignorant, social-media reprogrammed and cock carousel whores to ever surface the planet? It’s a really explanation. Most of them didn’t work a single day in their lives, are completely brainwashed by academia, TV and social media. Women are more conformists than men. And they are most of all, young. Very young, easily influencible.

White women are useless on almost everything but being used as sex toys, thus they’re the ones most obsessed with attention. Because men no longer have control over women. In the end none of this is about race. This is about women riling things up. White women are the worst women on earth, any race of woman is better than white women. White women are scum!