Why are Women so Degenerate in Today's Society?

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I went out with a 25 year old on a dating app. She told me on the first date that she has slept with 20 guys since she was 16. I told her I was a virgin and she laughed and asked if I was joking. When I said no she asked if I was an incel. I told her I don’t believe so, but she just had a disgusted look on her face and left. Why are women like this?

Are these female body counts seriously that high or do you guys just exaggerate the numbers? You guys always mention women fucking over 30 different guys. Do women seriously have sex that much? I get why mega whores are gross but guys who only settle for virgin women seems like your insecure with how good you are at sex. 0-6 partners seems aight for a chick in her 20s. I’ve been with megawhores and sexually everything was great but I’d be lying if I told you I saw myself marrying them.

Anything above one partner is pretty much a guaranteed divorce, lose half your shit, and paid alimony. No fault divorce and women’s liberation was a mistake. Women can’t handle responsibility or their emotions any better than children. Currently the divorce rate is 50%, and it’s only been going up. Women in this country are all damaged goods.

Which is why you go for 18yo church girls. They still live with their parents, if you are established and should be since you focused on yourself and self-growth instead of chasing pussy. You pick up a repressed church girl and her parents approve of you since you are established. All you have to do after that is continue to go to Church on Sundays.

My ex told me she had sex with “20” guys. I imagined it to be higher than that. I was at 4 at the time, told her, and she started laughing just like the OP. I was 20 at the time, 25 now.
It snapped me back into yellow fever, where I imagine the women to be more traditional. I’m currently talking with a cute Chinese girl, who wants the same things I do: a house, dog, no kids until no debt, healthy eating, working out, working hard. She’s had 1 previous boyfriend, I’ve had 6 girlfriends(all white), and they all fucked way more guys than I fucked women.

White women in the US are all whores with no values. Find yourself a cute Asian migrant, or move to a country with pure white women.