Why are Young Men Not Wasting Time with Relationships with Women Anymore?

huh why

It’s definitely the women. There is 0 point committing to one now when they are all giving it away for free. Just chuck em and fuck em’. Let them complain about there being no more relationships w/e. If 40% of the female population wasn’t so fucking fat and low class, our testosterone would be in full effect and we would be chasing down a wife. But this isn’t normal society anymore. Women initiate 85% of all divorce, and divorce happens in over 50% of married couples, no one is safe just look at amazon,, the richest woman in the world got all her money by divorce raping her husband.

After awhile, pussy is just another source of dopamine and/or validation. there comes a point once you fuck so many chicks that there’s a diminishing rate of return. most people in general don’t care as much about sex as they do the perceived elevation of status and the ego trip associated with sex, and true chads recognize this. this ego trip ultimately has a diminished rate of return on overall life satisfaction.
once the chad realizes this, there comes a point where he realizes me must move past merely the realm of the physical and instead looks for validation from mental stimulation & a desire for spiritual growth. this is the point where they lose interest in chasing women if they haven’t been trapped by a kid.

Men get a raw deal mostly because government has interfered in natural gender and family dynamics and handed all the power over to women, they have the ability to leave, take half your stuff and take the kids away, and there’s nothing you can do about it if she decides to do that. You can spend £100k on lawyer bills and you wont win custody.

Having a deal where men bear all the responsibility, especially the financial responsibility, and get none of the rights, vs women having none of the responsibility but all of the rights. Its a sour deal and men won’t take it, which is why many men are now going their own way.

The attraction to cartoons or prostitutes, or porn or sex dolls, they’re all symptoms of that problem, they’re not a cause in themselves. Is there any women interesting ? I mean by that interesting in having a partnership more than just a «men» she needs to calm her tits when she is hysterical ? A lot of woman didn’t heal their dark forces aka their hysteric and manipulative sides. No : they consider those a force to make the man submissive to her. This is not acceptable. We gave them the right to emancipate and now they spit on us they think they can fly and more. This is not right.

Because we don’t want a woman. We want all women. We want sex. We want our cummies. We want the pornography that we have watched since before puberty to become reality. If you want a women there are single women everywhere, but you have to be a man, not a cumbrained fuck up. Forget about trying to find a decent woman in the West. You either gotta go foreign and find a feminine chic, or go MGTOW til you enter the next life. I like women, but I don’t care to get to know them. Also, I really won’t care until I am sure that I can’t catch AIDs or WuFlu from them. Better to chill with my beans and deenz in a VR world. We can’t fix anything. Men are just cutting their losses as they realize that women don’t like men, in general.

All of my married friends are miserable. Their wives belittle them, talk down to them, and do not want to have sex with them or even behave in an affectionate manner. At any point they could lose everything. Atomized society. Not enough friendships crossing gender lines. Men need more female friends they aren’t fucking; women need more male friends they aren’t fucking. Bring back friendzoning, and do it to both sides. God knows I’ve caught some hell from women who couldn’t move on from my company, too. The pain of being friendzoned is universal. It’s still part of a better society where more people have the kind of social lives they want.