Why do Game Devs Think they are Entitled to Unions?


when they can’t even make a good game or a game that works? Try actually making games that don’t suck, or aren’t full of game-breaking bugs, and then maybe you can have your unions.

Game devs are some of the most entitled people on the planet. The game development industry is probably the single worst work environment you can get into as a programmer. Working as a developer on a big budget video game you can expect: long hours,overly tight deadlines, endless mandatory unpaid overtime for weeks or even months at a time, incompetent management, and at the end of it all when the product is released you’ll probably get fired. At the end of the day, this means that only people who are really dedicated to (or obsessed with) making video games go into and stay in the industry. With a union you can begin to improve that work environment, and make it more attractive to other, better programmers. And because the industry is less of a grind, people might stick around instead of working in crunch two years, getting fired after the game ships, and abandoning the industry entirely.

Not that a better work environment will actually make games better. 99 times out of 100 a game sucks because management sucks and has no idea what fun is, and games are usually buggy because they are rushed out the door by the publishing company in half broken states before the developers can finish QA. So if we give game devs unions, they are going to suddenly just start creating good games that don’t suck ass?