Why do We Allow Western Women to Dress Like Whores?


How do we encourage western women to dress more modestly? Shame them in public. Its literally the only thing that has ever worked against degeneracy. Thats why they fought so hard to put and end to shaming and why they shame you for your opinions so much. If you’re too pussy to call out a fatty, a whore, a faggot, a tranny then nothing will ever be done and you might as well just stop paying attention and tune out. I yell nigger at niggers when I drive by a gang of them. Will probably get shot one of these days. Stop giving them attention, give attention to modest women. Public image is the only thing that matters to them at the core. so long as they receive positive reinforcement for whore behavior it will only continue to proliferate until the world is nothing but smoldering ashes. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. They are dressing that way to get your attention. Don’t give it to them. Pay attention to the more modestly dressed ladies. Tell your girlfriend that you like it when she dresses so as to leave something to the imagination. She might tell her girlfriends. It will take time, but if enough guys do it, the girls will respond. Well I know in Sydney Australia, young women used to wear shorts, skirts, cleavage tops, ridrifts, low cut jeans, and tight dresses all the time. Then lots of Muslims were dumped into the city and girls all cover up now to avoid constant sexual harassment, molestation, and rape. So now you basically never see a hot girl at all. Don’t give them attention. Give saintly girls attention. Your civilization is only as good as the women that men celebrate. Celebrate whores and skanks, get whores and skanks. Women are sheeple, most incapable of original thought. They just copy other women. They evolved to survive that way.