Why do We Always Hit the Butt of the Boss in Final Fantasy 14?

butt boss

I was watching FFXIV videos and I saw that if you aren’t a tank, you are always hitting the mob’s butt, the fuck? how is that good design? Positionals, yes but it doesn’t make sense for some jobs, rogues and ninjas work with that but why a noble monk will attack someone from behind? plus I don’t want to see backs all the time. It will make sense if we remove the flanks and we only have front and back. Front attacks do more damage, so when there is a tankbuster the party has to go from there. Like you said, ninjas and rogues having skills based on rear positionals makes sense, but a dragoon?, I believe samurai doesn’t have so many. So you aren’t getting cleaved by the boss attacks that only tanks survive? Only melee based DPS classes use positionals, everyone else needs to stay in this position to avoid Tankbusters.

FFXIV doesnt have a single boss who regularly cleaves in front of them. Tanks need to keep the mobs facing away from the party for the monsters auto cleave attack that hit in a large cone and so DPS can hit their positionals. Also fuck tanking and DPS, gathererchads where you at how much gil have you made this week? I just know that FFXIV doesn’t have a boss like that. There’s literally no downside for a melee DPS to sit right on top of the tank and hit the bosses face (unless they have to use positionals). There are no bosses in FFXIV that have this. That’s literally what I just said. Now, some bosses do have AOE attacks, but those are independent of where the tank is sitting.