Why Do White Women Get so Triggered by White Men Marrying Asian Women?

white women envy

Some Swedish politician female wanted to ban Asian women from marrying white men. Imagine being such petty bitches that when you run the government that you try banning WMAF as much as you can. Honestly can’t blame the Svedish blokes. Their women are ugly and non family oriented. An Asian admixture would do them wonders both in looks and behaviour. Could hurt their height a bit tho since the height genes are 50/50 between mom and dad. Still, the pluses out weigh they minuses. So the Swedish feminist cunts will literally import almost a fourth of the country’s population in African and Muslim men, and happily ignore the assault, bombings, and rape. But a few Thai wives is enough to sound the alarm?

White women are fine when 10000000 male sandniggers come into the country but every single woman that comes in is a threat. This is one of the reasons why they shouldn’t be allowed to have any saying in anything. Imagine if 600000 korean/jap girls would seek refuge, they would go apeshit. Fucking hell they lose their shit over dolls while having 10 vibrators. Most common interracial couples on Scandinavian streets are WMAF and assorted idiots intermixing with other idiots. Scandinavian women and especially Swedish women are insufferable.

And you pathetic fucking incel nazi losers CONTINUE supporting white women, even tho white women are literally EVIL and want to destroy any happiness you have in life. White nationalist men are the worst, they ENABLE these white women’s bad behavior. I’m sure it will be a different story if we suggested to this bitch that we should stop allowing Arabs in to shag the Swedes. Reminder that white women caused mass immigration because of their shitty rape fantasies and feel threatened by Asian women who are better at being women than them in every respect. The West is too far gone to save, way too far gone. If you’re an intelligent white male, GET OUT now while you still can and move to Asia. Let white women and niggers and muslims destroy each other, cause the West is going to turn into a 3rd world shithole very soon.

Every white woman i ever talked to about white men marrying asian women fucking exploded and got super angry. This is how to trigger white women. Talk about smart rich white men marrying asian women.