Why Do White Women Have Sex with Dogs?


I work with a really nice woman who just turned 30. She is smart, seems level headed and yet, cannot find a guy to spend her time with. I suspect she was a turbo slut back in the day and now has no pair bonding abilities. Trivializing sex was one of the biggest weapons the kikes leveled at millennials and gen z. Women who fuck more than a handful of guys before marriage become forever alones. I respect her for not faking it though, it would be far worse if she was one of those cunts that’s always getting married/divorced.

Man’s best friend with benefits. I’m sorry, beta orbiter. I have to take Rex Thunderknot for a walk.

Women are shit and made their choices. You can blame the kikes for pushing a narrative and you can blame men for not controlling women. Or, you could blame women and realize their nature. Women are are retards, anon. You can either help them approximate basic human behavior or you can forget about them. But it’s all pretend. You have to pretend women are like you and share your priorities and qualities. But they don’t.

The biggest sluts I knew in college somehow managed to get married by 26 at the latest, and I’m talking Manhattan Bartenders and Real Estate Agents…30 is the new 20 if you have your shit together as a man but if you’re a woman there’s basically no excuse so just feign interest and ask if she has any hot slutty friends

Dogs are not a replacement for men, it’s just that men require so much time and effort they are like exhausting babies. When women finally realize they don’t need men, they have time and energy for dogs. They fuck dogs and think it’s a replacement for children and family. Not realizing when they get older they will have no one to take care of them. It’s seeking pleasure instead of stability.