Why do White Women Think They are as Smart as White Men?

idiot women

They have zero self control. They will take every single ounce of freedom you offer them and then some. Societies that don’t offer some kind of designated moral framework to their women will invariably collapse due to oversexualization and sexual competition. Women have exhibitionism built into them as a kink. They have it so much that you don’t even realize it. Even modest women’s clothing is designed to show off more of their body and their curves than 90% of male clothing would even approach.

Women like showing off their bodies and getting naked in front of an audience. If they followed their instincts, they’d go naked in public whenever possible with a couple of armed guards to hold back the men, masturbate to huge audiences, and then choose the most chad from the audience to fuck. Women are inherently huge exhibitionist sluts and only social decorum holds them back. Women used to have to deal directly with a man and persuade that man through their behaviour that the man should protect and provide for them. Now, they use the State as a buffer so that the State taxes the man, and the State provides them with protection and provisions. No need to moderate their behaviour anymore. The problems is when women believe they are as smart as men. They override good decisions made by men and don’t trust them.

Another point is that the corporate world more and more manipulates women to become slaves for them when they should be at home looking after children. It tells them that they are smart and competent if they do this, it pushes them so hard that many end up not even wanting to have children, or they have 1 or 2 children very late, with a major risk of miscarriage. It’s sick. The corporate world is essentially stealing women from men.