Why Do Women Hate To Cook?

These sandwiches aren't going to make themselves

Modern western women think that cooking is “beneath” them. Oh really? So cooking a good meal for your children is a bad thing, eh? Better to just boil some macaroni and pour in that cheese mix pack that is full of artificial and toxic chemicals instead? My god, western women make me sick. They are not just selfish, they are evil.

Western women see nothing wrong with abandoning their children and going to ride the cock carousel. When the woman gets home at 3AM after having been pounded by many meaty members, and the 2 and 3 year old half-negroid babies are crying and screaming in hunger, she will throw on some 10 cent Ramen noodles and then pour in the toxic chemical mix pack which will then eat away her children’s brains and make them retarded and autistic.

Then when her children reach age 10 or so, and act retarded because they’ve been fed a diet of toxic artificial chemicals their whole life by their mother, she will throw them on methamphetamine, I mean Ritalin, and tell them to sit in their room playing video games all night and day. At this point, if the kids are lucky, they might meet an alpha male role model who will set them on a right path but that won’t happen since feminism emasculated all the men and turned them all into beta male bitches. Basically if you were born from the womb of a western woman, your life is screwed and you’ll probably end up as a heroin addict.

Women are dumb and stupid!