Why Don't Western Women Try to Emulate Foreign Women?

cause they're brats

I don’t know if any of you remember that time when dating coach Richard La Ruina made a comparison between Russian and British women. One thing I remember when reading some articles was he suggested ‘what could British women learn from Russian women’. This is the question I want to ask.

It’s common knowledge not just among people who’ve travelled, but many, almost common knowledge, that anglo-American women are not the most attractive (especially their bitchiness and lack of femininity) & also for older people to agree. There’s a folk session I go to regularly and one of the guys there has a wife from Thailand and boy, she makes the typical working class English girls seem like bloody navvies in comparison as far as looks, femininity, and attitude is concerned.

The thing is, many guys and girls know that UK girls as a whole are not the most attractive, yet there seems to be this sort of denial & this fear of talking about it.

I used to go to a couchsurfing meet (which met most of my social needs, I didn’t bother with Saturday nights in local bars in my local town then) & boy, the girls you’d meet there were so refreshing in comparison. One general consensus I got from guys there about UK girls was ’they’re good for a f**k but not a relationship’. I guarantee the consensus on this board will be the same. My Canadian friend who lives in Spain who lives in the UK doesn’t have a very high opinion of English women either.

It’s as if it’s socially-unacceptable for men to find girls who are pretty, warm, sweet and free of nasty attitude attractive. There seems to be this tendency to shame guys as ‘wanting a weak women’ or ‘not being able to handle a strong woman’, a shaming tactic many of us have heard before. Still, I liked the way Richard La Ruina said casually about British women not giving a shit ‘a lot of them don’t look very good, they’re famous for moaning and complaining’, I just loved the way he was so unapologetic and honest. I have to say, He’s right.

The big question is can’t many of these western women stop being in denial and try to better themselves. Why on earth are western women in denial? They can hark on about how all men who are attracted to those kinds of women are all evil misogynists who want submissive women (and they think they’re being non-judgemental by jumping to those conclusions?) rather than acknowledge that foul masculine behaviour and being like a docker or Jeremy Kyle contestant isn’t that attractive or attractive to men (it’s possibly due to the high numbers of ‘manginas’ and ‘white knights’ in the UK that BELIEVE that’s all there is and that’s their only options).