Why even Bother with White Western Women?

white women suck

They are loud, 90% left leaning, white man hating, west destroying, open border loving, illegal rapist accepting, feminsts who love nothing more than treating white men like simps.

Asian women on the other hand, and I speak from ages of experience. Love white man, respect their cultures, hold on to values, hold family to the highest importance.

Why even fucking bother with white women from the west anymore? Nothing but a pain in the ass and a complete headache.

White women are done. They can’t cook anymore. Don’t have kids anymore. Don’t take care of the house. Want everything done for them. Fuck it. Unless the white female culture changes replacing them is the only option.

Actually I live in Asia my self. Mainly due to the quality of women here be much hotter than women in the west. Although that is my opinion.