Why is Being Chaste no Longer a Virtue?


Destruction of the family unit is one of the main goals of cultural marxism, since when people can’t turn to family they have to turn to the government for support instead. Promiscuity destroys pair bonding. Then why do men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos? It is unironically never been easier to get a debt free virgin without tattoos because of how little demand there is for them. My first girlfriend was a virgin when I met her at 19 years old. Shes also the most interesting and least retarded women I’ve ever met. I honestly feel bad for girls like this who lie to themselves to feel better. You know that it were women that initially devalued chastity. How do you think roasties and hoes would cope & compete with new and younger crop of virgin & younger women? Being status based women will denigrate anything that potentially lowers their status. So retaining their virginity is presented as weird and having negative value because if it was otherwise the slut would be viewed as low status herself. Well since they can’t stop being fucked by random dudes for a minute they try to make the nice girls to do the same so they feel less like a whore if everybody does it. Being a woman means warping and bending your worldview to get attention from men. Women have no true agency; it’s a hard thing for some men to grasp.