Why is Final Fantasy 14 so Bad?


This is the most boring, annoying game i’ve ever played. I fucking HATE Final Fantasy 14 with a passion. Ah, so like the hypothesis that all the furry-centric Disney movies in the 80s and 90s produced more furries. I bet there’s some fascinating sexual pathology for a lot of these games, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it’s awakening some degenerate shit in certain people. That’s probably the case. A mixture of Poopsocking evolution, newer generations coming into the MMO culture learning this and the slight tinge of finally growing. Well guess >>497379519 isn’t as bad as Furries in the long run. At worst you get fanart that seems to mostly be self contained unlike furrydom that infiltrates everything it can. Yes, don’t underestimate the extent to what certain kinds of MMO players will go to for a certain item or achievement. Some use buckets, others setup weird mirror setups to play while on the john or even setup their PC in the bathroom, others just don’t care what holds it in as liquid is easier to deal with and then you have the modern era of Diapers with things like Abena, Molicares and even things like ABU Diapers. Do not underestimate the level of faggotry people will go towards. They’re not just raiding anon, theyre grinding and doing other things. They rather have a nearby plethora of junk food and then just have a go-to system to catch their waste. Funny enough adult diapers make the most logical sense as they hold in the waste and make clean-up a breeze if you think about the alternatives. Raiding is just one of the many things done when “poopsocking”. I would normally agree but these faggots play on hours on end with no breaks so the medical issues here would be UTI, Kidney Disease and your bladder just giving up making you incontinent and Bowels could lead to constipation and impactions which will go back to needing crap like surgery or laxatives.