Why MGTOW is Growing So Much

MGTOW forever

I think the future belongs to MGTOW. Myself I thought first that if I flee the coldness and unfriendliness of Western women life would become easier only to realize that women in Asia are super materialistic, shallow and superficial ghouls. So for me MGTOW is the only way. MGTOW is just a better sounding phrase used instead of giving up. It is part of the historical cycle (though the term is new, the underlying idea is anything but.) It’s a response to feminism and misandry. It doesn’t actually stand for anything, nor does it offer any solutions. Of course more men are becoming MGTOWs, whether consciously or otherwise, but it’s just a symptom that societal splintering (i.e. collapse) is gaining. Then again MGTOW DOES offer a solution- avoid women and just bang prostitutes only. So yes, that IS a solution, and the best solution actually. Even without feminism, such a lifestyle is the best for men. Slaving away at some shit job for wife and kids is fucking stupid. Fuck the patriarchy that tells you to “MAN UP”. Fuck all that. Live your life for yourself. Fuck women, and fuck society.