Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a Good Diablo Clone


Right now the game just feels unpolished and I cant tell if its because of the servers being under strain and things feel laggy or its just the way the game is but combat often feels unresponsive and choppy, attacks dont connect the way you expect them to not to mention the unit collision can make things super frustrating at times.

There is also a problem of skills not giving you enough information about what they actually do and how they scale and all the information given is usually very vague such as “increases damage dealt by summons” but it doesnt give you a number and from what I can tell you cant see it in the stats of the summons either. Status ailments are also hard to keep track of since there is no indicator on an enemy telling you what they are afflicted by and how many stacks youve put on them and similar things happen all over the game with things being very obscured and unclear for no real reason.

Last of all is just a personal complaint since I am going for a summoner build but the AI for the summons is ridiculously bad 70% of the time they just sit behind me and do nothing, the charge command for the zombie summons rarely ever work they either get stuck on you, each other, the terrain or on thin air. there is also nothing in the game that tells you if your summons scale of things like youre status ailment chance or if they calculate their own stats separately from yours. You also completely lack any form of indicator of how many summons you currently have so you have to manually keep track of them at all times which feels like a huge step backwards from every other ARPG ive played.