Woman Falsely Accuses Male Stripper of Rape

Ride the pony

-Woman and 7 girlfriends go to male strip club for her B-day
-Woman pays a stripper $40 for a private lap dance
-Woman sucks stripper’s dick, lets him put his dick inside her
-When he tells her he’s about to cum, she says “wait, I have a boyfriend”
-Woman tells her boyfriend she was raped. Her father is a cop. Male stripper goes to prison for years

And feminists wonder why men don’t take women seriously?

Not trying to defend him for being a degenerate. However, you should not shift the focus on him. The main issue here is this rigged system.

She went to strip club and paid the dancer to suck his cock and she still wins the case.

This is what should concern you. No one here is encouraging anyone to become a male stripper. But this incident just goes to show how gynocentric our legal system is. No, the issue is a bigger one: about the failure of our legal system. It’s not about this one case, but about how feminism has changed our courts overall.

At this point, it is simply too LEGALLY dangerous to have any kind of sexual contact with American women. Better to go MGTOW, save up your money, avoid dating, avoid marriage, and take a sex vacation twice a year to Tijuana or Bangkok or Amsterdam and fuck a bunch of prostitutes.

Too many American men are cucks who automatically leap to the defense of these lying bitches. In the end, it is MEN who ALLOW feminism to exist. American men are super desperate and thirsty and sex-starved, which is how women (and the government) control men.