Women and Men are Not the Same

the truth

I’ve been thinking about my parents’ divorce more as I get older. I used to think it didn’t bother me, until I caught myself weeping about a fleeting thought about it in my 30’s.

They divorced in my preteens. She did my dad real dirty. And in retrospect now I realize that’s when I started doing bad in school, dropping out of sports and life, and God. That’s when I learned that loyalty and commitment aren’t important virtues. I’m realizing it fucked me up way more than I ever realized. Every woman i’ve met in my life was a cum gargling piece of trash. My ex leaving me. I thought she was the one I was going to settle down with.

One of my friends started bitching about how women soccer players make less than men soccer players. I pointed out that women’s soccer pulls in $400m in revenue every year, while men’s soccer pulls in $6b every year. She said I was being sexist. I asked her what the scores for the last Women’s American game was and she didn’t know, didn’t watch it.

The school system and media which try to portray women as SAME as men is completely retarded and it is the reason men start to dislike women. These men have been taught that women are just like men and these men try to behave around women as if they were logical and rational beings like men. This does not work with women as they are completely different when it comes to relationships. At this point the man is baffled while he sees and witnesses different things that he was taught. At workplace where people are professional, you might say men and women are somewhat the same (NOTE: this applies only if they are PROFESSIONAL). However, in relationships women are ALWAYS extremely different than men.

I once read a really good quote in here: “If a dog behaves like a dog, are you mad at the dog?” The same applies for women. You just have to learn how women act and behave and treat them as such. You are hating women because they are not men even though you have been taught be everyone that they are like men. You are supposed to understand how women act, feel, make decisions and what their wants and desires are. When you understand this you can treat women as women and not be mad at them when they act like women.