Women Are a Reflection of Society's Men

Man up

Another common thing I cant help to notice in these bastepilled circles is how man react to their own fornication, they’ll admit how fornication is destroying our society, but they always virtue signal their own whoremongering, I’ve heard women regretting their whoredom but never men…why is that? We all know that it takes 2 2 tango so don’t go into muh non sexual reciprocity.

Where does the idea of the “noble RW whoremonger” come from? Masculinity is about overcoming frustrations, peer pressure and channeling your impulses into something noble, the oversexualized male “noble RW whoremonger” is like a character Hunter Thompson RW idol we have to worship (in reality those people are sociopathic fags, totally unstrustworhty as humans). Getting males shamed of not being dirty is programming that heavily succeeded.

Incels are right. Women only rank men by looks, charisma, and money. the other factors are perhaps a filter, for example, a woman may refuse to marry men who are not Christian, but she will not rank their religiosity and pick from them the most religious, relative values are meaningless to her, when it comes to mating. Women also ignore intelligence, artistic ability, and humor, and the everything else, even medical reports, unless it’s one of her filters, the it is only a checkbox, not a relative value for scoring, it doesn’t enter into the woman/whore’s calculation.

It’s a biological imperative. Women are utterly incapable of operating differently. A society which grants women autonomy therefore is animalistic, because women cannot control themselves.