Women are Enslaved by Massive Student Loan Debt

Only retards go to college nowadays

Nowadays more women go to college than men and this is due to government affirmative action policies which favor women over men for college admissions. The joke’s on them though since now millions of young women have hundreds of thousands of student loan debt. Notice how back when it was mostly men who went to college, men didn’t protest in mass for student loan debt forgiveness. But now that women are the ones saddled with massive debt, they are screaming and demanding college loan forgiveness. Fuck it, why not? If the trillion dollar student loan bubble popped, it would destroy the economy and thus all these stupid bitches would have no choice but to marry a man and be financially dependent on him.

Women also refuse to marry a man with a lower educational qualification than them. As a result, these same college women are constantly whining they can’t find a man. Translation: Only a rich millionaire with two PhDs is good enough for them. It’s almost as if feminism hurt women far more than it hurt men. We men are simply rooming together and playing video games and just chilling as NEETs and MGTOWs, while these stupid bitches are slaving away at some shitty job to pay for their worthless college degrees and massive student loan debt. Wow, it’s almost like feminism freed men from being slaves to women. As a result, men no longer have to get married and financially support some worthless bitch. Feminism liberated MEN, not women!