Women Go Insane When They Don't Get Attention


Women are extremely violent when denied attention. They’ll even kill their own children as attention seeking behavior sometimes. The levels of insanity that we’re facing are basically impossible to overstate. Most women today are worthless. Most are inable to preform any simple tasks without causing a mountain of drama. Many which are unable to show any warmth of emotion apart from nigger-tier “gimmiedats”. Even if a man goes past all the lack of character that modern women display, there is the fact she will likely trash her body because she see no need to try anymore and can easily divorce rape her husband for little to no reason and move on to the next. Yeah finding an actual decent woman to win over and marry would be amazing but sadly those are basically unicorns and anyone that says otherwise is a lying cunt or some larping faggot. This was obviously written by a woman, because women are gross. that’s why you have to put makeup all over them and pretend they are soft ans sweet, because they are gross. women aren’t worth consuming in the way you describe unless they have maintianed their body like a temple for their entire life and they are fresh out of the shower. there is not a single woman on earth who is not a virgin that deserves to have her pussy eaten out by anything other than a dog.

Which women will resort to, it shows up right on their chart. something women never notice since they have 40% less synaptic density than men do, which explains everything you ever wanted to know. Don’t see people arguing that there won’t be folks who would still want the authentic experience. Advances in AI and robotics would just make modern women actually have to compete for once. It’s telling how much fear this instills in women, and by your post I can only assume you are a woman.