Women Hate MGTOW

mgtow supreme

Some angry woman posted a rant against MGTOW men, men who don’t want to get married, aka let women become financial parasites on them. Here is her rant: “Women naturally turn away from men who are not productive and can’t take responsibility.
Society will continue to rot until the manchild issue has been solved.
Don’t say the issue solves itself. Stop lying to yourself. Get up and take responsibility.”

And here are the various replies men wrote in response:

You don’t.
t. 36 making 6 figures and still going home to get high and play vydia

Why exactly should white men be productive for a society that actively despises them?

I work, exercise, and play video games. Gave up on women years ago.

I’m on welfare and play video games 24/7. I will continue this until i die.
I don’t give a fuck about society or white women.

I’ll stop being a manchild when the niggers are gone.

Take the chadpill. Just randomly impregnate as many white girls as possible. Let the state pay for your children until everything collapses. The strong specimen will survive either way.

He quit because the amount of work one puts in is not worth the pitiful returns one gets for that work. You still havent answered the question as to why men should participate in a society that actively despises them. Why should white men spend their lives busting their asses for a bunch of ungrateful cunts and shitskins? Let the system fail and the savages can have the world they clearly want.

I quit because hard work is not rewarded anymore, not by women. At least my job pays me for it.

Tbh I’d rather spend my money on weed and video games than finding dates

There is no reason. The kikes, tradcucks, commies, christcucks, roasties, r*dditcucks are all completely fucking assmad white men are saying fuck it and not doing shit for anybody else. They’re basically trying to whip their slaves back onto the plantation for absolutely nothing of value. They’re only panicking because they realized they showed their hand to everyone else and now have no good defense on why they need white men paying taxes unless they go against everything they said earlier. That’s why they’re trying to ban the shit out of guns, the internet, vidya ect. Its all to eliminate the other shit we could be doing with our lives that don’t involve working like a slave.

This gets brought all the time on this board. Men only do those things if it’s expected of them. If you’re rich or Chad the same rules don’t apply because every woman will bend over for you. So what we have are men who are opting out of the game since only they are expected to man up for a woman who is settling for second best.

The only thing that can solve men not sacrificing themselves in order to build families is if a meteor hit the Earth and sent us back to the stone age. The genie is out of the bottle, there’s no way to put it back. There is absolutely no rationalization you can give (inb4 muh genes) that will convince a nihilist cynic male to sacrifice his own life for the greater good of having a family. Video games won’t break my heart.

Occasionally a cute girl will like me based on looks and personality alone. Once they find out i live with my mom they lose interest. I can’t afford a house and a car on my pay check alone. I’m working to get a better career right now but it kind of pisses me off that money is all that matters to people. I wish love was real and two human beings could just love each other for being their self. But then again i have denied fat chicks who actually think like me and have a lot in common, so I can’t complain, nature makes us want certain things and we can’t help it. I just wish badly for those old evolutionary traits to disapear seing as we do not need some of them in our modern time

Fat chicks are fucking awful. A man without too much money can be attributed to a shitty economy or scenario but fat bitches have just given up on life. They’re basically demanding that you take seriously somebody that doesn’t take themselves seriously in the slightest. They’re also usually bitchy and demanding as hell with a raging hatred against anybody skinnier than them. Drugged out skinny chicks are better because at least they’ll be a good fuck on top of being more mellow in general.