Women Need to STOP Objectifying Men As Objects

men human

To all women bitching about sex dolls and their supposed effect of causing men to objectify women or encouraging the normalization thereof…

For thousands of years you whores have objectified men. None of you see men as anything more than a fucking meal ticket or a bio-dildo. You gold digging parasites deserve to grow old alone, you don’t deserve a man! You bitches will no longer parasite off of us men! We men are waking up and no longer allowing women to live for free off of our hard-earned money. Women are ungrateful parasites!!!!

The objectification of men is pervasive and sickening. Dildos and vibrators are further proof of your sickening hypocrisy. If you slags can have those at every fucking grocery store and turn all my razors into your vibrating sex toys, then we men can have our sexy, no drama, no whining, nonparasitic sex dolls. You evil cunts will be replaced by robot women who will be programmed and scripted to give us men what you greedy, evil roasties and thots have failed to give us men for centuries. Respect. You will be replaced and justly so. Your days of mooching off of men and using men and abusing men are over. Welcome to the future, sluts. You will be forced to earn your keep. Finally the MATRIARCHY will die and you will no longer be cucking us. Fuck you, whores. Fuck you.