Women Only Want to Marry Rich Beta Males

marriage joke

Women only wanna marry rich men, beta bux. This year I will likely make around 60k before taxes. Next year I don’t know because this is a temp job and I’m trying to get into law school. I have no intention of ever marrying so it doesn’t matter to me. Men will date broke women. Maybe women should stop being superficial and they won’t have that problem. American women are not entitled to marriage prospects. Women can go fuck themselves. Leave me alone.

That chick refused to have a drink with me 4 years ago, only to remind me that we should have a drink, last week. She is now 37. I told her “yes”, only to let her know 3 days later that I do not think it’s a good idea. Felt fine. Women are hardwired to be attracted to men with money and social status. It has nothing to do with superficiality. That is their biological imperative. The problem is that our fathers fell for this big shit test, taking what women say at face value when they were demanding equality. Never read women’s words at face value. Boomer men fell for every single fucking tricks women lay down before them. Their wives. realizing how beta men can be, just weaponized their daughters.., meanwhile, beta dads were teaching their sons to always listen to women, wine and dine, buy flowers etcetc. So the one good thing about feminism is we relearned (it used to be obvious before media brainwashing) what makes women tick and it turned out to be power, money and violence. Also that they can momentarily choose to unlove you the second you show weakness, same as they made the calculation to start loving you when you benefitted them. All in all its somewhat based, as now you can get burned before you get married and entrapped, and avoid the tradcuck fate.