Women Over the Age of 30 are Useless and Create Autistic Children

Old women suck

I’ve dated women who are age 28 or age 30 and they are all super desperate to find a man to marry. I’m like, “What the fuck, I just want to have fun” and these stupid old bitches are all insanely desperate to find some man to marry and have kids with. The reality is that women’s peak fertility is between the ages of 18 to 23. If a woman decides to have children after age 25, she raises the risk of the baby having a brain disorder like autism dramatically. It’s extremely fucking selfish for a woman over the age of 25 to have kids. If you were too stupid to have kids when you were younger, then you deserve to grow old alone and childless.

Also, women lose their youthful beauty by age 25. Meanwhile men in their 30s are becoming financially stable and many hot young 20 year old girls will throw themselves at older men. Why on earth would a 35 year old man want to date a 35 year old woman INSTEAD of a hot young 20 year old girl?

The only men stupid enough to marry women over the age of 25 are Christian men and this is why we see women over the age of 25 suddenly converting to Christianity and joining a church. They are simply looking for a husband. Christian men are pathetic, weak, idiotic beta males. Any man stupid enough to marry a woman over the age of 25 deserves to suffer.

If you are a woman over the age of 25 and still not married? You have no one to blame but yourself and you need to give up on the idea of marriage or having kids. Don’t be a selfish bitch. If you decide to get pregnant after the age of 25, your children are going to be autistic.

I fucking hate women over the age of 25 and refuse to even look at them.