Women Scream that Men Need to "Man Up"

Man Up

I note that the Western Woman flings itself with infinite abandon at anything with money, engaging in sexual intercourse with as few as 20 partners simultaneously, while claiming that Western Men are not “growing up anymore.”

Could it be that the definition of “maturity” has come under the spell of the Lesbian Supremacists?

How is it that in a society where “we are all equal” exists and “strong woman don’t need no man” is the mantra, women are considered mature if they can simultaneously service five horses, and hand the bill to their ex-husband, while men are only considered mature if they finance all the activities and results of said massively blown-out and disease cunts?

How’s this for mature: Women keep their legs, mouths, and butts shut until they are married, and men don’t do anything with insane sluts (Western women) at all?

I think it is the zenith of maturity to keep one’s money and possessions to oneself, and make sure no casual gutter filth (Western woman) can get its disease-mottled hands on it.

The Eastern Hemisphere has plenty of girls, not yet turned into women by a United Nations of dicks, who can appreciate character, not just money. Eastern women are still relatively pure, especially if you compare them to western women who is basically rotten milk at this point in society.

So, how about redefining maturity as “your body, your choice, your cost, your responsibility, you alone.” I am not paying for your mistakes anymore.