World of Final Fantasy is an Underrated Game


World of Final Fantasy is an excellent monster taming/training game that features a healthy dose of characters, locations and creatures from all previous Final Fantasy games to evoke maximum nostalgia (though it’s fine if you aren’t familiar with everything, it’s not necessary for understanding anything, just nice nods).

You catch monsters by fulfilling certain criteria (deal damage of certain element, cause status effect, hit really hard, heal,….) and then train them, learn active and passive skills in their individual skill trees and evolve them into other monsters.
Evolution is more like Digimon instead of Pokemon. Once you’ve unlocked an evolution by meeting its conditions and learning it, you can freely change between all unlocked forms of a monster.

The story is good. It starts as a fairly easy-going, goofy adventure but the stakes get raised and things do turn more serious the further you get.

Even if it’s not a mainline game, the Final Fantasy name shows itself in its production values. The graphics are good with a charming artstyle (unless you hate chibified characters), great animations, plenty of cutscenes both 2D and 3D for story and special movies and a great soundtrack.

My only complaints are that the game is 30fps locked, which is a damn shame and that it can be a bit slow in both combat and cutscenes, but it’s not a big deal since you can freely fast-forward.

Highly recommend if you’re looking for a great monster taming/training game, or whatever that genre is called if there is a name for it.