World of Warcraft is Much Better than Final Fantasy 14

WoW is better

Less than 100k people are playing 14, when you have shitty servers you can make anything look like a lot.

The all time peak for FF14 is 41k players which is when 95%+ of users would have been online.

I can testify to this. FF14 sucks and WoW is much better in terms of gameplay. FF14 is too bloated and they force you to play through 700 hours worth of retarded main story quests which have no story at all. I tried 3 times, and quit all three times. WoW is simply a better game.

I just don’t get where those players are supposed to be, the ones supposedly in queue and online in FF14. I have a login queue, but nobody is looking for a dungeon or created a public party, nor are there a lot of people sitting in the city or doing quests. I find a raid faster on a 500 man WoW private server than here.

Looks like they got rid of a bunch of servers too. The game never had a lot of server support and this isn’t the first time they have fucked everything up. Something with last expansion probably ruined their optimizations.

I mean ffxiv could use some more endgame content the problem every attempt they made it fucking sucks.

A reminder that BfA sold 3.4 million copies on launch day alone, Shadowbringers didn’t come anywhere close, otherwise, it would have been announced already.

Less youtube views than WoW, Destiny, and Warframe.

Less Twitch views than WoW, Destiny, and Warframe.

Less Google searches than WoW, Destiny, and Warframe.

When a 16-year-old game trounces the newest expansion from a weeb-tranny game, you’ve failed at game design.

You guys do realize that XIV is a direct copy of post Cata WoW, right?

As for FF14, around levels 36-40 there’s first a long ass stretch of super boring shit, followed by pretty damn good stuff. Then you’re back in irrelevant boring shit until 50, when shit gets real – for a couple of hours. After that it’s a shitload of slow boring buildup, with a great payoff at the end of ARR patch quests and the beginning of Heavensward. Most of HW continues to be good, then it’s time for Stormblood which is shit, then Shadowbringers which is the best so far.

All I can say is, FUCK FINAL FANTASY 14!!!!!!